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Flatwire UK | 20G Stainless Steel

Flatwire UK | 20G Stainless Steel

Flatwire UK's Stainless Steel 316L uniquely drawn flattened wire provides users with an unbeatable surface area and an improvement in flavour.

Full and in-depth knowledge of ohms law and battery safety is required before using any Flatwire UK products.

When using a coil calculator, enter the gauge of the wire as though it was round wire of the same material.

These are intended to be used by an experienced vaper who understands the dangers involved with low Ohm coils and knows about the correct batteries to be used.

Always Check the resistance of your final build with a reliable resistance meter before firing to ensure it is in the safe range for the batteries you are using, If you do not know how to do this or what the safe limits for the batteries you are using please do not use this product.

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