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Zeus | DIY | Blue Raspberry Ice | 200ML

Zeus | DIY | Blue Raspberry Ice | 200ML

SKU: 739601850355

Step 1 BASE MIX 

Consisting of Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine, this is the core component of E-Liquid, nicotine and flavouring is completely optional and can be added to suit your preference.

Step 2 Nicotine 

Add all Nicotine for a 3MG nicotine strength

Step 3 Concentrate 

Flavouring is Propylene Glycol based and we recommend a 20% flavouring ratio. This can be adjusted based on your preference.

This product is not ready to vape. Please mix contents together and shake before vaping.  

Zeus Juice Just Add Bundles enable you to create your own premium quality bespoke e-liquid that is full of Zeus Juices all-day flavour. 

These concentrates are for personal use only and not to be used for commercial purposes. 

This Bundle Includes: 

  • 200ml 70/30 VG/PG Base Mix Kit. 
  • 30ml Concentrate. 
  • Nicotine Shots to the required strength. 


  • Steep this product for 7 days before vaping. 
  • Low sweetener for long-lasting coil life. 
  • Mix at fifteen percent for optimal flavour 
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